7 October 2014


Marist Centenary in Germany 1914 – 2014

The year 1914 is the foundation of the Marists in Germany. The jubilee that we celebrate this year brings together many friends: Marist Brothers, Lay Marists, co-workers and young people with whom they have been connected over the century both at home and abroad are united in this celebration. It is a jubilee which not only is a day of remembrance for the Brothers and their friends but one which offers the opportunity to take a glimpse into the history of the Marists in Germany. It also invites us to renew our awareness of the mission of the Marists both today and in the future. Read more »

18 September 2014


Assembly of German Brothers

The German Brothers gathered in Furth on Saturday 13th September to discuss the present situation in Germany as well as the future mission. This was the first such meeting of the German Brothers and almost all the Brothers attended, including those from mission lands. Read more »

11 September 2014

Marist Europe

Retreat for European Brothers

At the end of July a European Marist Retreat took place in Valladolid, Spain. The retreat was for Brothers between 45 and 65 years of age. Read more »

10 July 2014


A Meeting on Solidarity

On 28th June a meeting took place in Habay on the theme of solidarity. Of the 17 people invited 11 were able to take part with more or less equal numbers of Brothers and laity. They represented several different areas of solidarity: marginalisation and the poor who are among us, health projects abroad, education and evangelisation in schools.  Read more »

1 July 2014


20th Anniversary of Brother Chris Mannion`s death

Brother Chris Mannion, General Councillor, was killed on July 1st, 1994, in Rwanda, together with Brother Joseph Rushagajiki. Twenty years after this tragic event, we commemorate his life with a testimony of his friend Brother Stephen Smyth. Read more »

27 June 2014

Spiritual life

Meeting of Community Accompaniers

On Friday, 20th June, the Brothers involved in accompaniment of communities gathered for their annual meeting in Habay-la-Vieille. Father Gero McLoughlin, a Jesuit priest living in Edinburgh, Scotland, led the workshop. Read more »

16 June 2014


Provincial Conference on Marist Education

From 6th to 9th June a conference on the theme of Marist Education organised by the Province of West-Central Europe took place at Guardamar in Spain. There were 70 participants: Brothers and laity from the five countries of the Province, several Marist Fathers and lay associates all of whom are active in schools or in Marist projects. Read more »

10 June 2014


Fact Finding Visit of Missionary Headquarters

In the last week of May Brother Mario Meuti, who is responsible for our Missionary works, and Mrs Angela Petenzi, project coordinator at the FMSI office in Rome, came to visit various organisations for Missionary work in Germany. Brother Heinrich Schamberger accompanied them to the Archdiocese of Cologne, first to Aachen to Misereor, Missio and the Papal Mission Work for Children (PMK), and then to Adveniat in Essen. Read more »

2 June 2014

Message from the Superior General

2017: A New Beginning

The traditional message prepared by Brother Emili Turú for the whole of the Institute on the occasion of the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, this year takes the form of a video. In it he explains the three years of preparation for the bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute (2017), and provides motivation for everyone`s participation. Read more »

23 May 2014

Marist Mission in Europe

Meeting of the European Mission Team in Bucharest

The European Mission Team met in Bucharest from the 19th to the 21st May. Apart from dealing with the points on the agenda we try on each occasion to report on the Projects in the various parts of Europe. Read more »

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