21 November 2016

Children's rights

Universal Day of Children’s Rights

On the 20th November 1959 the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On its 30th anniversary, the UN General Assembly adopted the Con­ven­tion on the Rights of the Child. For this reason we celebrate the Universal Day of Child­ren’s Rights each year on the 20th November.

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15 November 2016

Marist Europe

European Marist meetings

The members of the five European Provincial Councils met in Guardamar from Sunday, 30th October until Saturday, 5th November. The Provincial Council benefited from this meeting to hold a Provincial Council meeting on Sunday, 30th October. The members of the General Council were present from 31st October until 3rd November for an Ex­tended General Council meeting. Read more »

31 October 2016

Marists in Germany

The Marist world visits Mindelheim

The Marist World Visits Mindelheim – this could well be how to name the short visit of Brother John Klein (New York, USA) and Brother Paterno Corpus (General Santos, Philippines) in October. Brother Paterno is the Director of a school with a roll of 8000 pupils while Brother John leads a project which helps to integrate illegal Mexican im­migrants. Both Brothers came to Marist College in connection with the RE syllabus of Class 12 to speak of their experiences with the social work projects in their respective countries.

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20 October 2016

Brothers and lay people

Laity Continental Commissions Meeting at the Hermitage

From 3rd – 8th October fifty Brothers and lay people met in Notre-Dame de l’Her­mitage to define proposals on the life of Marists of Champagnat, which will be pre­sented at the 22nd General Chapter. Our Province was represented by Christian Die­pold and Wolfgang Hacker, who are both teachers at the Maristenkolleg Mindelheim. Wolfgang is also the Province representative on the European “Brothers – Laity” Com­mis­sion.

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6 October 2016

Community gatherings

News from Belgium

The Brothers in Belgium had two special gatherings recently about which they have writ­ten a report.
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26 September 2016

Marist education

Marist Student Leadership Training Ireland

A group of 30 Marist students and 6 coordinators embarked on their Marist Leadership Training this September. The three Irish schools involved are Moyle Park College Dub­lin, Marian College Dublin and Marist College Athlone. This exciting Marist Leadership Programme is led by Marist Education in West-Central Europe, in partnership with the Kinharvie Institute in Scotland.

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1 September 2016

Champagnat Movement

Meeting of Brothers and Lay People at El Escorial (Spain)

From 24th – 27th August, the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family (MCFM) brought together delegates from the European Provincial Teams responsible for the sup­port of the different fraternities, with the aim of pooling and putting into action their hopes and projects.

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22 August 2016

Marist education

Launch of the new Marist Curriculum in West-Central Europe

Marist Education in West-Central Europe is delighted to launch the new Marist Cur­ri­culum for schools in the Province. The curriculum will be available for all schools and projects in the Province with the option to translate it into the relevant language.

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11 August 2016


Fourvière gathering

On the bicentenary of the promise of twelve young Marist Priests and Seminarians at Fourviere to found a Marial Society, there was a gathering of over 1000 Brothers, Fathers, Sisters and young people at the Basilica to commemorate the event.

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21 July 2016

Dare to Dream

Marist international youth meeting in Lyon

The community in Genval sends a greeting to the young people who have gathered in Lyon to attend the Marist international youth meeting, which precedes the World Youth Day in Krakow. The community writes: “We pray for all these young people who re­present the four Marist branches: Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Missionary Sisters.”

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