10 July 2014


A Meeting on Solidarity

On 28th June a meeting took place in Habay on the theme of solidarity. Of the 17 people invited 11 were able to take part with more or less equal numbers of Brothers and laity. They represented several different areas of solidarity: marginalisation and the poor who are among us, health projects abroad, education and evangelisation in schools. 

The participants had not all had direct contact with the Marists. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange ideas and get to know one another. Each one was able to speak of his/her own personal experiences in this area which is of such great importance in today`s society.

For us Marists it was an opportunity to present our experiences in the Institute with regard to our worldwide mission which is essentially directed towards the poor and the vulnerable.

On the back of this experience of the meeting certain ideas emerged to reinforce what we are living and to continue to develop a process for possible collaboration of missionary work in Belgium.

A follow up to this meeting is that a further meeting should take place after the summer holidays at which all will be able to attend.

Brother Roberto Di Troia


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