11 July 2017


Alfred Urban: a new affiliated member of the Institute

On the 19th May, 2017 Mr Alfred Urban, a retired teacher from the Maristen Realschule in Cham, was affiliated to the Province by Brother Provincial Brendan Geary.


Brother Michael Schmalzl delivered the words of introduction and welcome, praising Mr Urban for his contribution to Marist life and education on behalf of the Brothers in Germany.

Alfred Urban: graduation in 1968, 36 years as a teacher at our (his) school, advisor to the school management in R.E. and accountancy, President and Deputy President of the Former Students Association (FMC = Freunde der Maristen Realschule Cham).

These are the outer cornerstones of his Marist life. His colleagues, students, former students and parents were able to witness, during the past several decades, his love of work, his sense of humour, his presence, modesty and calm disposition.

Mr Urban’s commitment to his Marist school is deeply rooted in his Marist spirituality. His openness to people was felt equally by his colleagues and students, and as a teacher he was known and loved for his demanding yet fair teaching manner. “Urban delivers”, a graduate student once said with appreciation.

In the FMC he has served as President and Deputy President, and he remains actively involved as a member of the advisory board. There is no work he considers beneath himself. He has also contributed actively to many national and international Marist meetings.

In his speech the newly affiliated member thanked the Marist Brothers for his basic education as a pupil, for the community they form, for the job they offered him and for the Marist virtues they inspired in him (family spirit, simplicity, love of work, presence, Marial devotion), which have given meaning to his life and something to hold on to. In particular Mr Urban expressed gratitude to Brothers Otmar, Helmut, Dietmar and Georg.

Following the liturgy the Marist Family of Cham met at the restaurant “Am Ödenturm” to continue to celebrate this special occasion.

Maristen Realschule Cham



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