4 November 2015

In-service day

“Brother Henri Vergès, witness and Marist in the land of Islam” by Brother Alain Delorme

17th October at Habay. The Belgian team of “Brothers and Lay People Together” wanted to invite Brother Alain Delorme from Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux in France to give a presentation on the life of Brother Henri Vergès, the Marist martyr of Algeria. On the first occasion, Brother Alain gave his presentation to the Brothers from Genval and Kessel-Lo.


Brother Alain knew Brother Henri Vergès well, and has written two books about him: 15 Days of Prayer with Henri Vergès and From Capcir to the Casbah. By means of a passionate and fascinating delivery, Brother Alain above all made us experience the rhythm of the Christian life lived out in the reality of Islam. Brother Henri lived out this experience in a truly Marist way: in a spirit of family, of discretion, of listening willingly to all who knocked at his door.

Brother Alain helped us enter into the lives of those men and women in the land of Islam who gave the Gospel witness of the gift of themselves, and echoed the new com­mandment of Jesus: There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those we love. There are 19 Algerian martyrs, of whom the best known are the Brothers from Tibhirine who were immortalised in the film Of Gods and Men.

It matters little whether the universal believer (the hanif / the true believer) is Hindu, Jew, Christian, or Muslim. His religion is love: love of God and of his creations… Each child born in a Jewish, Chinese or Muslim home can know, in God, his/her true Master: this gift is innate to him/her.” (Commentary on the Koran XXX – 30)

Brother Roberto Di Troia




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