17 July 2015

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Dublin welcomes educators and students from Cruz del Sur Province

Each summer, Moyle Park College in Clondalkin welcomes hundreds of Brothers and lay people from all over the world to its Summer School, a programme to help them improve their English. We are pleased to present here an article that was published on July 9th, in Spanish, on the website of the Marist Brothers in the Province of Cruz del Sur (Argentina and Uruguay), http://www.maristas.com.ar/


“Moyle Park College, a Marist school in Dublin, Ireland, changes into a Language School during the month of July for foreign students wanting to improve their use of English. This year, more than 100 students and educators from different works in the Province of Cruz del Sur are participating in this exchange programme, sharing life with local families who have welcomed the visitors into their homes.

This implies total immersion in the Irish culture and continuous communication in the English language. We have met groups from Spain, Italy and Brazil. Students have come from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mendoza in Argentina; there are also two groups from the schools in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The young people attend English classes every morning, and can enjoy a variety of sports and leisure activities in the afternoon. There are art, music and dance pro-grammes as well. All together, nearly 500 students from different countries enjoy the daily activities in this Marist environment.

Among the adult accompaniers of the various groups there is a positive, fraternal atmosphere of being together.

We share with you some pictures of this beautiful experience.”


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