10 June 2014


Fact Finding Visit of Missionary Headquarters

In the last week of May Brother Mario Meuti, who is responsible for our Missionary works, and Mrs Angela Petenzi, project coordinator at the FMSI office in Rome, came to visit various organisations for Missionary work in Germany. Brother Heinrich Schamberger accompanied them to the Archdiocese of Cologne, first to Aachen to Misereor, Missio and the Papal Mission Work for Children (PMK), and then to Adveniat in Essen.

The meetings with staff members of the organisations served to get to know them better and offered possibilities to put before the appropriate people Marist projects in the various continents. Brother Mario and Mrs Petenzi did this in knowledgeable and competent fashion.

Many of the partners in the dialogue and advisers to the Missionary works knew from personal experience of the fine missionary activity of the Marists in the various countries and showed great interest in the projects presented to them.

Another point of discussion was the possibility of cooperation with other national Marist organisations. A possible connection for this is FMSI. A German language prospectus is available.

In Mindelheim and Recklinghausen the two visitors got a glimpse into the efforts of the German Marists and the Friends of the Marists in their concern to be involved on behalf of the youth of the world. The wish is for cooperation with each other but also to coordinate and build up cooperation with the official Church Missionary organisations. The cooperation of the Marist Missions Association (MFMV) is desirable in this context.

The large German Missionary organisations continue to be prepared to support and promote the efforts of the Marists and their Friends as far as they are able.

Brother Heinrich Schamberger

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