18 June 2015

Sports and solidarity

Football World Cup Trophy in Marist College Mindelheim

When the German football team won the World Cup in 2014, the German Football Association decided to make the trophy available for a tour around the country. The Mindelkicker (a member of Vimeo) and Marist College with the use of a video and joining in various sporting events with asylum seekers applied for the trophy to be brought to Mindelheim for a day. Several hundred clubs and schools applied. Only 63 places were successful, including Mindelheim.

The action day on 9th June offered exhibitions of the various associations as well as a football tournament. Ten mixed teams of Germans, asylum seekers and refugees competed in the tournament. The College teachers also put forward a team. A former student of Marist College belongs to the team of organisers in the football association. Only 2014 people had access and the possibility of a selfie with the World Cup Trophy – a special souvenir for any football fan. Marist College with its five games halls and large sports ground was best suited for this event.

Saint Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marists, would have been happy to be there.



The students pose as the trophy in their video.


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