20 October 2016

Brothers and lay people

Laity Continental Commissions Meeting at the Hermitage

From 3rd – 8th October fifty Brothers and lay people met in Notre-Dame de l’Her­mitage to define proposals on the life of Marists of Champagnat, which will be pre­sented at the 22nd General Chapter. Our Province was represented by Christian Die­pold and Wolfgang Hacker, who are both teachers at the Maristenkolleg Mindelheim. Wolfgang is also the Province representative on the European “Brothers – Laity” Com­mis­sion.

Wolfgang has sent the following account of the meeting.

From 3rd – 8th October this meeting was held at the Hermitage. 28 members of the 5 commissions (Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Pacific) and 22 guests worked together on the goals of the meeting:

– Present the General Chapter in Colombia 2017 with a set of proposals resulting from the experience of and reflection on the new relationship processes in the Institute.
– Enhance the laity’s sense of internationality throughout the Institute.
– Strengthen the international animation structure.
– Bring to closure the Champagnat Movement update process.
– Celebrate and enjoy the Marist places.
– Prepare the final synthesis of the lay Marist identity framework.


Some central contents of the proposals for the General Chapter are:

– Lay vocational itinerary (Being a Lay Ma­rist)
– Connection – association
– Joint formation with the Brothers
– Lay articulation
– Communion between Brothers and laity
– Champagnat Movement of the Marist Fa­mily update

The presence of Superior General Brother Emili Turú at the beginning of the meeting and the participation of Brother Antonio Ramalho, a member of the General Council, underlined the importance of this meeting. 

The inspiring atmosphere in the Hermitage, the caring mixed community of the Her­mitage and the determination of the participants to formulate proposals, provided the basis for a good outcome, even if there was no final document done at the end of the meeting. The work will continue in the next month.




Wolfgang and Christian


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