30 November 2016

Marists in the Netherlands

Launch of a new website for all the projects at Westerhelling

On the 7th of November a new website was launched which brings together all the projects and activities of the Marist Brothers at the Westerhelling in Nijmegen: www.leerhuiswesterhelling.nl.

Since 2003 the number of new projects and activities has increased steadily and for some of those a separate website was created, each with its own specific format and content. Not long ago it became apparent that those involved with the programmes wanted to highlight their interconnectedness so that visitors and participants would see the whole of what is being offered at the Westerhelling, in similar formats. A long pro­cess of reflection, consultation and creative development followed, and this has resulted in the new umbrella website, which also includes the activities which did not yet have a place on a website.


“De Westerhelling”, the Brothers’ house in Nijmegen, is at the centre of the new home­page, and is surrounded by photos which refer to the various projects and activities (e.g. An Inner Journey, House of Attentiveness, House of Stillness). By clicking on the photos visitors are directed to a page with information on the project and a link to the relevant website.

At the top of the homepage visitors can click on “Over ons” (About Us), where they will find information about the Marist Brothers themselves, “Projecten”, and “Agenda”, where they will find a list of planned activities.

In addition to this website for the Westerhelling, the Marists in the Netherlands – Fa­thers, Brothers and Lay People – have a joint website, www.maristen.nl.

The Marist Brothers are also associated with two independent projects elsewhere in Nij­megen:

  • “Stichting Moria”, a foundation which offers long-term residential ac­com­pa­ni­ment to young male ex-prisoners to help them re-integrate into society;
  • “Huis om te Zijn” (House To Be), a place where boys aged 12-17 can stay tem­po­ra­rily in order to settle down from troubles at home.


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