2 March 2017

Marist Europe

“Lavalla200>” project: a new way to share life

The members of the new European “Lavalla200>” community have released a video with which they intend to share the path taken during their first months of formation and insertion in Syracuse, Sicily. “The video aims at showing who is part of this project and the different challenges that arise,” says Mario Araya, member of the community. “It is a new way of living the mission and a new way of lay people and Brothers sharing their lives.”

The four lay men and Brothers introduce themselves in different parts of the city and in their own languages. The video has subtitles in the four languages of the Institute and is available on the website of the Institute: www.champagnat.org/400.php?a=6&n=4241


The community in Syracuse also sends regular newsletters to Rome. In their most re­cent one, of 24th February (www.champagnat.org/401.php?a=6&id=4088), they an­nounce that one of the four community members, Brother Michael Callinan, has left the community and returned to Australia. The letter is in Italian and can be downloaded here.

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