9 February 2015

Marist Mission in Europe

European Mission Team of the European Marist Conference

On 27th and 28th January, the European Mission Team of the European Marist Conference (CEM) met in Barcelona which is the central point for the work done by the Marists in Catalunya.


As delegates from the five European Provinces, we took this time to reflect and share our thoughts on the message from Nairobi, on the dreams and priorities that preoccupy us concerning the Europe of tomorrow. During this time together, we looked at the progress of the preparations for the European Mission Assembly (AEMM) which will take place from 13th – 16th April at Notre-Dame de l`Hermitage which will give us an opportunity to “communicate the proposals and the thoughts which we experienced and discussed during the Nairobi Assembly.” Moreover, this Assembly has the objective of looking for ways of putting into action the directives of Nairobi at a European level.

We also equally stressed the ongoing formation for Marist leadership for the mission. This formation is directed towards present and future leaders of the Marist mission, and started with a week-long immersion experience in a social project in October. A second session has just taken place from 11th – 16th January at Notre-Dame de l`Hermitage. The evaluation confirmed that the participants found this gathering extremely positive. Two further sessions are planned: at Alcalá de Henares from 3rd – 8th May 2015, and in Rome from 6th – 11th March 2016. Moreover, a week in one of the European Provincial Houses is planned for October 2015.

We had an interesting meeting with Monsieur Llorenç Claramunt, Director of the Champagnat foundation which brings together the Marist education and social projects of Catalunya.


During the afternoon we had the joy of visiting the “Sagrada Família” Cathedral, which was begun in 1882 and continued by the architectural genius, Gaudi. We took advantage of our free time to visit the Open Marist Centre which is located quite near the famous “Ramblas”.

As part of the agenda of our meeting, we also touched on the links that need to be developed with our Pastoral Work with Youth and Vocations, the evangelic indicators in Marist projects, the future of the Marist Mission in Europe as well as the support which we would wish to give to Marist social projects in Europe.

We are grateful to the Brothers in the community for their warm welcome. Our next meeting will take place in Lisbon on 3rd and 4th June 2015.

Brother Robert Thunus

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