13 November 2014


Marist Week at Moyle Park College

Marist Week at Moyle Park College – something new and exciting for our whole school community; all a direct result of the Marist conference at Guardamar in June.

The conference made each participant think and imagine – what is it that we want the Marist school to stand for in the early decades of the new century? Just as importantly, how could we breathe new life into the Marist tradition on which our school was founded.

At the conclusion of the conference, following many brain storming sessions in mixed groups from the many schools present, we returned to our home group to consider what might work best at Moyle Park for our teachers and students. Due in no small measure to the sharing of many ideas during the conference, we quickly settled on organising a Marist Week which would end with the celebration of Mass at the college followed by a meal for staff and students.

Just before the school year began we met again in late August to flesh out our plans – each subject department would carry out project work with students that focused on the Marist story and the associated Marist values. The projects would then be displayed around the college during our Marist Week starting on Monday 13th October.

The Marist Week was a major success – although it can be difficult to assess the immediate impact of much of what we do in education, I have no doubt that it helped us to renew and reclaim our identity as a Catholic school with its roots firmly in the Marist tradition.

My thanks to all who shared ideas with us at Guardamar.

Maurice Hartigan,


Moyle Park College,





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