1 September 2016

Champagnat Movement

Meeting of Brothers and Lay People at El Escorial (Spain)

From 24th – 27th August, the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family (MCFM) brought together delegates from the European Provincial Teams responsible for the sup­port of the different fraternities, with the aim of pooling and putting into action their hopes and projects.


Four of us from Belgium participated in this meeting: Pascal Miette (Couvin), Jules Wabatinga (Brussels), Brother Albert André and my­self (Habay).

Formation was one of the main objectives discussed: formation in the Marist charism of the members of the fraternities and their leaders.

We were asked to promote “the revolution of tenderness” (Brother Emili), that is, as a priority, to take care of oneself, of one’s spirit, to take care of the most vulnerable and of the planet (Pope Francis).

Over these three days there was a lot of sharing together of fraternity, of deep and rich dialogue, and of friendship – an “extraordinarily marvellous” meeting, held in sim­pli­city and prayer. This allowed us to see that we were not alone, that the Champagnat Movement is universal, that the mission is important and that the spirit of family of Brothers and Lay People is a reality today.

Charly Loutsch


The Belgian delegation and Brother Javier Espinosa,
Director of the Secretariat of the Laity in Rome


Source: Newsletter “Communion Frères et Laïcs”, September 2016, to be downloaded from this website (under Publications)


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