12 March 2015


Meeting of Marists at Marist College Mindelheim

The weeks before Easter offer a variety of ways to prepare for this season. Each years the pupils at the school are invited to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Several priests are around the whole school for two days ready for them to receive the Sacrament. Weekly each Friday it has been customary for many years to offer the opportunity for Mass in the college chapel before classes begin and this has been taken up.

A meeting of Brothers and colleagues was the opportunity to exchange ideas on possible ways in which individuals might promote the distinctive Marist character of the school. It was helpful in this to have reports of international meetings of colleagues e.g. the Nairobi meeting at the worldwide Institute level and the European meeting at Guardamar. A former pupil of the school reported on her many experiences during her social work in Pailin in Cambodia.

One of the organisers of Cmi reported on developments. This Marist organisation facilitates the participation of students just leaving school in Marist projects in various countries. This is an excellent opportunity for these young people to experience worldwide Marist unity and solidarity as they spend several months in a project. The homepage of the German Cmi website is: www.cmi-maristen.org. More information about Cmi at the level of the Institute can be found on: www.champagnat.org/000.php?p=293

Brother Michael Schalzl who is at present on sabbatical reported through his blog on his experiences so far with the Marists in the USA, Mexico and Columbia. In the last meeting he was able to report directly through Skype, an excellent possibility with today`s Internet. His journeys have taken him to further Marist centres in the world where he can learn of further possibilities for the insertion of German pupils in other countries.

At this meeting the preparations for the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute in 2017 were also addressed.

This meeting offered the opportunity to understand better and to experience the internationalism of the Institute and the togetherness of Brothers and laity.

Brother Heinrich Schamberger


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