21 January 2014

Marist Europe

Meeting of the European Mission Team

It was in Valladolid, Spain, in the Provincial House of the Province of Compostela that the European Mission team met on 15th and 16th January of this year. In addition to the six delegates from the Provinces of Europe, of which I myself have been a member since 2006, Brothers João Carlos do Prado (Brazil) and Miguel Ángel Espinosa (Mexico) from the Mission Secretariat of the General Administration were also present.

Brother João Carlos made a presentation about the process for the elaboration of new models of animation, governance and management at Institute level. This will also be useful for all the Administrative Units. We then proceeded to make a synthesis of a research which was addressed to the Provincial Councils as well as to the provincial teams involved in the mission in order to try to foresee the future of the Marist mission in Europe. This will then be presented to the CEM (Marist European Conference) at its next session.

We took stock of the European phase which will succeed the 2nd International Assembly of Mission in Nairobi, of the programme which we are preparing for the formation of leaders of the Marist mission at European level, and on the Intranet destined for members of the different commissions of Marist Europe.

We meet three times a year, in places where we can also find situations which might enlighten us. On this occasion we met a layman who is a member of the Pastoral Care Team at the “Colegio La Inmaculada”. He showed us their programme for developing interiority in nursery, primary and secondary schools.

In October we held our first meeting in the community of Moyle Park in Ireland. We were able to come to a better understanding of the effort being made to hand on the Marist charism to the headmasters and staffs of the three Marist schools in the country. The next meeting is scheduled to take place in May in Bucharest, Romania, where the Brothers and their co-workers are engaged in different projects geared to help the most deprived children and youth.

Brother Robert Thunus


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