23 May 2014

Marist Mission in Europe

Meeting of the European Mission Team in Bucharest

The European Mission Team met in Bucharest from the 19th to the 21st May. Apart from dealing with the points on the agenda we try on each occasion to report on the Projects in the various parts of Europe.

There are two communities in Bucharest each of four Brothers and all of whom are Spanish. The first of these arrived in 1998 as a result of the call of the 19th General Chapter that we dedicate ourselves to the most needy in the eastern countries of Europe. Today with the voluntary help of laity and paid co-workers the Brothers conduct an establishment consisting of a day centre for the education of children and a welcome centre with four residences for  thirty young people from 4 to 18 years of age.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the origin of this project and its development can visit the website of “Présence Mariste” which has three reports in French: 123.

The Agenda of our meeting took in the following points:

–  We acquainted ourselves with the preparations for the 2nd International Missionary Meeting (Nairobi, September 2014) particular those at both Provincial and European levels. The meetings which were held of groups in the various different places as well as those at Provincial level proved to be very useful with productive suggestions and good community spirit from both Brothers and Laity participating in the Mission.

–  Brother Miguel Angel Espinosa from the Mission Bureau in Rom reported briefly on matters at the level of the Institute.

–  We looked at our targets in relation to the Marist European Conference (CEM) and brought them up to date.

–  We looked at the details of the formation intended for Marist Leaders – Brothers and Laity. It is a two year programme which will begin in October 2014 with the aim of helping the participants to take responsibility in the areas of animation, leadership and direction of mission in our Provinces. Four or five members in each Province are invited to participate in this formation programme.

–  Finally, we planned our meetings for the next year which will take place in Athens in November 2014, Lisbon in January 2015 and Barcelona in June 2015.

There was the opportunity on one free afternoon to visit the old Town of Bucharest with its typical and interesting old Orthodox Churches. Nor did we forget to sample the Ciuc, an excellent local beer.

We are extremely grateful to our confreres in Bucharest for their hearty welcome. We include the Project, the children and the youth in our prayers.

Brother Robert Thunus


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