6 June 2017

Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat

Message from the Superior General

This year’s message from Superior General Brother Emili Turú for the feast of Saint Mar­cellin Champagnat on the 6th June relates to the Institute’s Bicentenary cele­bra­tion and the 22nd General Chapter.

“I invite you to celebrate the 6th of June, in union with Marists throughout the world, in the same spirit with which we celebrated the 2nd of January earlier this year: giv­ing thanks to the Lord for the gift of the charism of Champagnat to the Church and to the world; asking forgiveness for our lack of faithfulness to God’s Spirit; renewing our commitment to Marist life and mission.”

“The motto of the Chapter, ‘A New La Valla’, invites us to return to La Valla, the house of our origins, our ‘Lighthouse’, to reconnect to what is essential in our charism, and to offer us an opportunity for ‘a New Beginning’, here and now.”

Brother Emili recalls the words of Brother Basilio Rueda, who during the General Chap­ter of 1993 underscored “the need to turn around our lives, our communities and our works.”

He concludes by inviting all Marists of Champagnat to open themselves up to the action of the Spirit:

“God willing, we may all be as courageous as Mary was, and allow ourselves to be led by the emerging newness of the Spirit, rather than be held captive by our achieve­ments, or by simply managing what is already in existence!”

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