6 October 2016

Community gatherings

News from Belgium

The Brothers in Belgium had two special gatherings recently about which they have writ­ten a report.

Genval: Celebration of the Jubilees of Brothers in the Community

On Wednesday, 21st September the community in Genval took advantage of the visit by Brother Brendan (Provincial) to honour its three Jubilarians: Brother Roger Alvoet and Brother Félix Genin (75 years of religious life) and Brother Edgard Iserentant (60 years).

The Eucharist was celebrated by two of the priests who serve the community on Sunday and throughout the week, and a priest who had come from the Democratic Republic of Congo to replace the parish priest during the holidays.

It was a beautiful celebration in which members of the families of Brothers Félix and Ed­gard took part. Brother Roger Alvoet was very happy to give thanks for his life of faithfulness to the Lord, as he had been unable to be in Habay on 15th August.

The celebration continued with a festive meal in which all participated.

genval2   genval1

Habay: Installation of a new Community Director

On Friday, 23rd September Brother Albert André was installed as Director of the com­munity in Habay-la-Vieille, replacing Brother Robert Thunus, who has carried out this responsibility for nine years. Brother Brendan Geary was present as part of the visi­ta­tion to Belgium. The members of the community gathered in the chapel at 11.00 a.m. Brother Robert had prepared a thoughtful service of installation, which focused service as a key dimension of Marist leadership. Each of the Brothers was given a lit candle as part of the service. Brother Brendan spoke words of gratitude to Brother Robert for his work as Director of the community and the project over the past nine years, and wel­comed Brother Albert. After the liturgy the Brothers met in the community room for aperitifs. They then had a celebratory meal together. Brother Robert Lemaire prepared a special song for the occasion.



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