20 April 2016

Marist roots

The annual Province pilgrimage to L’Hermitage

In March this year, a group of twenty-four staff and teachers from projects and schools across the Province took part in the annual Province Pilgrimage to L’Hermitage. Here as Marists we have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of our founder Marcellin Champagnat in his home-place in France.


Here are some words from some of the participants:

Throughout my time as a teacher in the Marist College, Athlone I have always felt a special type of atmosphere in the school – one I had not experienced before. … I thought this was unique to Marist College, Athlone, until I participated in a meeting of Marists in L’Hermitage, Lyon where I realised it is not a unique environment created by Marist Athlone, but one created by Marists throughout the world.

Elisha Colgan – Marist College, Athlone, Ireland

It was a place where everyone was welcome, where everyone could give of themselves and where we were enriched by each other’s gifts and experiences – an experience of Champagnat’s vision.

Martin Pearson – Kinharvie Institute, Glasgow, Scotland

What is the Marist spirit? When we were in La Valla I came to the awareness that that what makes us Marists is not WHAT we do but, rather, HOW we do it! That was one of the first pieces of the puzzle I discovered on my way to the answer to my question.

Markus Karl – Maristen-Realschule Cham, Germany

The trip to L’Hermitage was an amazing experience for me. Prior to going on the trip I had never really thought in any great depth about what it meant to be a Marist. The trip gave me the space to consider my situation and made me feel very proud and appreciative to be part of the Marist community.

Sarah Murphy – Marian College, Dublin, Ireland

Over the weekend a much clearer understanding of the man behind the beginnings of our school emerged, at the heart of everything he did was a sense of care and com­mu­nity, something we feel is already strong within our school. We hope to continue our work with some of this spirit and now walk past the vestiges of our Marist history with a newfound fondness having learned so much walking in the footsteps of this special man.

Kirsty Hayes – St Joseph’s College, Dumfries, Scotland

Click here to see a selection of photos from the pilgrimage: https://youtu.be/3VDqgb4bUTw

The Province Pilgrimage is an annual event for all schools and projects in the Province. Our 2017 pilgrimage will be from March 4 – 7. If you are interested in attending please speak to your School Principal or contact Aisling Demaison: a.demaison@maristeu.org



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