14 April 2016

Marcellin Champagnat

The Letters of Champagnat – Workshop in Furth

For four days during Holy Week, 23-26 March, 2016 the Brothers of the community at Furth had the opportunity to learn more about the letters of Champagnat. Each morning, under the guidance of Brother Augustin Hendlmeier who has interested himself for many years in these letters and, indeed, has published a book about them, two or three typical Champagnat letters were read and studied. In uppermost in this reading was the desire to learn more of Champagnat’s personality. The letters are a storehouse and authentic witness of this personality. The participants followed the input with great interest and at the end expressed their astonishment that they had known so little about Marcellin and their satisfaction that they now had a newer understanding of him. They now saw him as a very competent man full of energy and courage, a man with a deep relationship with his Brothers and a man who with great concern learned to face up to doubts, disappointments and other problems. This workshop was a great success, an eye-opener for all who took part.

Brother Augustin Hendlmeier

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Marist community Furth

Source of the letter and drawing: www.champagnat.org


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