31 October 2016

Marists in Germany

The Marist world visits Mindelheim

The Marist World Visits Mindelheim – this could well be how to name the short visit of Brother John Klein (New York, USA) and Brother Paterno Corpus (General Santos, Philippines) in October. Brother Paterno is the Director of a school with a roll of 8000 pupils while Brother John leads a project which helps to integrate illegal Mexican im­migrants. Both Brothers came to Marist College in connection with the RE syllabus of Class 12 to speak of their experiences with the social work projects in their respective countries.

Brother Paterno described how a former pupil, then a street child, was accepted by the Brothers and so received an education. Years later, he returned with his wife and child­ren in his own car to show the Brothers that their commitment to him had been a suc­cess and to express his gratitude. Then Brother John told his story of the Mexican wo­man who was now living in freedom for the first time in her life in the USA as a result of the integration project. She was no longer a prisoner in her home as an illegal im­mi­grant and for the first time, after years of anguish and fear of deportation, she was able to meet with women of the same age.

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In both places, New York as well as the Philippines – among many other places – the Marist CMI Germany programme offers the possibility for both male and female stu­dents at the end of their leaving certificate exams to spend a year abroad in some social project. At this point, Brother Michael Schmalzl who attended the presentation, gave a short outline of the CMI programme (Germany: www.cmi-maristen.org; international: www.champagnat.org/400.php?a=21).

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