25 February 2016

Marist mission

West-Central Europe embraces a new future

As the Marist Institute embraces a new beginning, with newly proposed models of governance and management, the Province of West-Central Europe has reflected on its own need for strengthened structures and support systems to ensure sustainability into the future.

The General Council has proposed a Roadmap for a New Dawn of Marist Mission, which recommends the strengthening of pillars in our Provinces through newly created models. Within Europe, our vision is to grasp this opportunity for change, with a view to creating a mission structure, which will work towards one Marist Europe.


The European Mission Commission, represented and supported by each European Prov­ince, met this February 2016 to discuss a proposed model. Aisling Demaison, Di­rec­tor for Marist Education, represented the West-Central Europe Province. The key aim was to prepare a proposal for a European Marist Mission Network. The proposal will be reviewed by the meeting of the CEM (European Marist Conference) in May, and will also be considered by the enlarged Provincial Councils of Europe along with the General Council at their meeting in November.

The key objectives of the new European model are to:

  • Create a European structure for leadership and governance for Marist mission in Europe.
  • Coordinate, animate and reinforce Marist mission in Europe.
  • Fortify the Marist identity and Marist spirit in the European context.

The creation of such a model must be sensibly paced and critically evaluated through­out the stages. This will lead to a great abundance of positive outcomes for Marist Europe, such as; an efficient flow of communication, strengthened Marist Identity in Europe, a stronger pool of resources and a more efficient use of competencies, to name only a few. This will allow the Marist mission in Europe to further flourish.

The Roadmap for a New Dawn of Marist Mission has paved the way for our journey; now we must take stock of our strengths, evaluate our needs and walk together in Eu­rope.



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