2 July 2015

Province meeting

Workshop for community animators

Around twenty Brothers, community leaders and other members, gathered from 19th to 21st June at the invitation of the Provincial in Moriah, a house of the Schönstatt Sisters near Koblenz.


The theme of the workshop was spirituality and the elderly, one which is particularly pertinent in our Province at this time. Brother Provincial opened the workshop with a Powerpoint presentation highlighting the richness and limitations of our Province. He invited us to accept this period of our lives with gratitude and trust.


Sister Catherine Darby of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, our moderator, gave some reflections in each session and then invited us to think over the theme, discuss it with each other, offer suggestions and put forward questions with the intention of engendering within us a real sense of the presence of a God who is so near to us, and inspiring us to live a concrete spirituality in keeping with our reality.

So in fact, each one was being invited to discover the real source of life deep within us and to develop the ability to recognise in others the pearl of the presence of God. Our inner life is delicate, fragile. God works in the same way with those who are weak and less able. It is up to us to sharpen our senses and be witnesses to this Jesus who does not always allow himself to be recognised, as we see with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, but who walks alongside us in the person of our Brothers.

Brother Roberto Di Troia

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